Walailak Research Convention (WRC2022)
"The Role of Higher Education in the Post Covid  and  Human Development”

Opening ceremony

March 28, 2022 09.00 AM

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Tel. +66-7567-3557

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On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to welcome you to the 1st virtual Walailak Research Convention (WRC 2022) to be held in Walailak University, Thailand during March 28-29, 2022. Walailak Research convention - 2022 aims to bring researchers, experts, practitioners and students from around the world together to discuss the trends in research and the latest interesting technologies under the theme “The Role of Higher Education in the Post Covid and Human Development”.

Virtual WRC 2022 is organized by the Institute of Research and Innovation (IRI) and 15 units of Centre of Excellence, Walailak University (WU), Thailand and which is celebrating WU 30th Anniversary in 2022! To celebrate this, panel, keynote, oral and poster sessions, and workshops will be arranged under the recommendation of the WRC 2022 scientific committee.

The conference theme is organized in a dedicated multi-disciplinary section of the conference that will enable a comprehensive debate of all the current and future challenges faced by higher education in the post Covid. The high quality of the scientific contributions is ensured by a plenary session of international experts in these areas. The program has shaped up to ensure the high quality of research presented.

Virtual WRC 2022 creates a stimulating forum for Early Career Researchers (ECRs and PhD students) to discuss the latest scientific developments with established experts in the field. It also offers an opportunity to network with other international researchers, exchange knowledge and promote collaboration and mobility. Contributions from any of the areas below are requested from academics, researchers, and PhD students.

We’re looking forward to an excellent meeting with researchers from different countries around the world and sharing new research results under the theme. So come and join us !



Wanna Choorit, PhD

Conference chair


Prof. Dr. Wanna Choorit

Walailak University

Conference chair


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WRC2022 will be multi conference on physical and health science. Together with several seminars and workshops. All events will be hybrid (online/on-site) participation and presentation. The aim of the conference is to bring researchers, experts, practitioners, and students from around the world to showcase their work and discuss the direction and growth of post-COVID research for the upcoming decades of sustainable development. 



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