1st Walailak Research Convention (WRC2022)
Post-COVID Higher Education and Sustainable Development

THE WRC 2022

Walailak Research Conference was normally orgranized during the Walailak University Anniversary, nonetheless,  the main presenting language was Thai. Because we would like to encourage the Thailand researcher to join and share their research experience together. In recent years, Walailak University had many successful stories. In 2020, Walailak had 363 journal publications, approximately 2,500 journal citations and 37 % collaboration with foreigner. In 2021, Walailak University had 596 journal publications and more than 78 % was published in SCOPUS Q1 and Q2. And Walailak University was recorded in QS ASIA World University Ranking 2022. With these successful stories and the 30th Aniversary of Walailak University in 2022, we would like to fully change the Walailak Research Conference to Walailak International Research Conference.

PNG ตราสัญลักษณ์ 30 ปี มหาวิทยาลัยวลัยลักษณ์ ไทย อังกฤษ-01.png

1st WRC2022 will be multi conference on physical and health science. Together with several seminars and workshops. All events will be hybrid (online/on-site) participation and presentation. The aim of the conference is to bring researchers, experts, practitioners, and students from around the world to showcase their work and discuss the direction and growth of post-COVID research for the upcoming decades of sustainable development. 


The multi conference has different conferences according to several themes.

PNG ตราสัญลักษณ์ 30 ปี มหาวิทยาลัยวลัยลักษณ์ ไทย อังกฤษ-01.png
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