Plenary Session

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Prof. Dr. Yusuf Chisti

Massey University, New Zealand

Yusuf Chisti is Professor of Biochemical Engineering at Massey University, New Zealand. He previously worked at the University of Almería, Spain; Chembiomed Ltd, Canada; and University of Waterloo, Canada. On multiple occasions, he was an invited visiting professor at Kasetsart University, Thailand. He has extensively collaborated with academic staff of Walailak University, Thailand. Professor Chisti holds MSc and PhD degrees from University College London, England, and University of Waterloo, Canada, respectively.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Akkharawit Kanjana-opas

National Science and Technology Development Agancy, Thailand 

Dr.Kanjana-Opas is currently responsible for the Development and Promotion of Future Industry, Technology Management Center as well as a CEO of FoodInnopolis, a national platform for food innovation. With his strong background in Food Sciences and Biotechnology, he is a key person to establish and drive of the governement’s initiative project on “FoodInnopolis” which is the first specialized area of innovation focusing on food and agriculture.


Prof. Dr. Edmund Jon Deoon Lee

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Edmund Lee is a medical doctor trained in Internal Medicine, at the University of Singapore. He subsequently obtained his PhD in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of New South Wales, Australia. His research focus has been on understanding the environmental and biomedical bases for interindividual variability in drug response, and has published extensively in the areas of pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics.






Assoc. Prof. Dr. Surin Maisrikrod

Walailak University, Thailand

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